Petsafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence

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Finding was how to make your tiny canine buddies stay in place? Then you must take a glance at Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence! This is just one of the evidence how cutting edge technology as well as premium kind of customer service as they produce topmost products and Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence is one of the very good example.

What does it provides?

• Four static level of correction which can be adjusted along with beep only mode
• Anti- lingering function which can help your dogs from can stop from draining the battery consciously
• Run through prevention which helps in preventing your dog getting away from your yard
• Safety Time Out makes sure that your dogs are not going to receive any static correction longer than 30 seconds.
• Waning if your fence unit is low battery
• Visual and audible wire break alarms
• Surge protector
• It has the ability to accommodate certain number of dogs in the system

The things which is included in the kit:

• Elite Little Dog receiver collar
• LP-4100 surge protector
• 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire
• 2 Gel-filled capsules and 2 wire nuts for waterproof splices
• Mounting bracket
• Operating and Training Guide
• Test Light Tool
• 1 PetSafe RFA-188 battery
• 50 training flags

Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog FenceFurthermore, when you are looking for the best electric dig fence you must consider first the receiver collar. There are lots of collars available in the market places which are good both for the medium and large size dogs. But if you do have lovable puppies you must ask first yourself of they are small enough for them to feel comfortable. You must also know the weight of the collar right for your little canine.
That is why Elite Little Dog In-Ground Dog Fence is considered as e of the most lightweight and smallest receiver collars so far in the market world.

It can’t be denied then that most of the people use now this in-ground system wherein they are very impress of the performance and functionalities of the dog fence system. You are going to be amazed on how it catches the attention of the public because of its numerous benefits and advantages on them such as:

• Anti-lingering function
• collar can be turned off when the owner is not using it anymore
• well defined and clear boundary
• Safety time out
• fully customizable on any size and shape you would want to so that it can suits in your yard
• compatible with the other Petsafe collars
• has surge protector

Absolutely, this is the dog fence you’ve been looking for so long. It is safe and effective and will never bring your expectation down. This is one of the most reliable systems you could afford equipped with the most important features and exclusively designed for your adorable little pets in your home.

New boundaries and training your little pets is not a game, it is something you would want to for your pets so they can learn how to set limitations and give respect on these boundaries.