Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless Fence Review

Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless FenceIn the modern days, even the fence systems can have a WiFi technology. Specifically, Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless includes an excellent WiFi technology that allows a two-way communication between base station and collars. With its help, there is a so called “Boundary challenge alert” safety feature acquired by the user. A team of expert engineers are behind the exceptional technology used on the system.

Being wireless means that no wires are buried on the ground and the installation is really easy. The whole system has an edge among other dog fence systems because of the signal reliability. Specifically, it has a strong signal range for up to 400 feet but the signal will be most reliable within the range of 250 feet.

Dog owners must still be oriented with the great considerations when it comes to wireless systems. It includes the following:

• The fence system needs a minimal landscaping.
• No aluminum must be included on the wireless dog fence.
• The area where the dog fence is installed must be far from huge vehicles and metal buildings.
• Extreme sloping can affect the efficiency of the wireless signal.

The kits incorporated on the dog fence system include:

 Instructional manual
 Wifi base station
 Base station mounting hardware
 2 rechargeable batteries
 Wifi collar
 Collar tester
 Wall charger
 Long and short prongs
 75 boundary flags

The collar features are the following:

1. The Havahart system has an excellent reception compared to other wireless systems. The 2 external antennae on the collar are responsible for the signal reception. They are the reasons for the consistency on the boundary signal.
2. Two rechargeable lithium ion batteries are very helpful. One battery can still be used while the other is charging. The LED light embedded on the collar allows the owner to know if the battery is working or not.
3. The water-resistant feature prevents the collar from submerging when rain occurs.
4. There are five adjustable correction levels for a certain collar within the system. Two collars can be accommodated by the entire system.
5. The short and long prongs are designed for different hair lengths of dogs.

The dog fence system has various base station features which make it unique and functional.

1. There is a very efficient Wifi technology within the Havahart system. It can identify if there is a problem on the field. The outstanding signal reception keeps everything in good operation.
2. The LCD screen menu has the correction and boundary size settings. The base station is very beneficial when it comes to finalizing the needed settings before the system operation.

Aside from the desirable features of each system component, the customers can expect a warranty within 12 months. When unexpected failure or inconvenience happens, the company will assist the dog owners. Havahart Radial Shape 2 Wireless is indeed a great choice for a wireless dog fence system because it provides the biggest roaming area for every wireless dog fence today.