Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence Review

Our dogs in our homes are been our best buddy for so many decades and until now, they are one of few whom we can count in. There are so many happy or sometimes tragic stories wherein dogs were saving us, human being in different kind of circumstances. So, there’s no doubt why we out too much affection and care for them. This is one of the reasons why there are different inventions and technologies which are being developed time by time for your dogs. One of these innovative products is the Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence.

Embrace yourself for this latest Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence both for your home and your travel needs. Motorola, with its 20 years of servicing and developing products in the wireless technology industry, are now proud to present this wireless dog fencing system. Its flexibility can be used as your invisible barrier in order to make your dog stay on a certain place. You can also pick it up this wireless dog system and make use of it as your rechargeable battery perfect for your quick trip and vacation.

But before you get, you must make sure that you consider your landscape. It must be minimal enough. Not only that, there must now existing stucco or aluminium. You must eliminate any huge vehicle or metal building on the boundary area. And take note that any kind of severe sloping can cause major interference of the signal.

Its Features

Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence DIYIts radio frequency technology can reach up to 2.4Ghz. Its correction mode has 15 static levels which has both have vibration and a warning tone. You can also expand it further up to dogs having an additional Travelcollar50. It also has rechargeable battery which can last up to 96 hours depending on how you will use it. The lifespan of the fence unit can last up to 48 hours.

This best to have with when you are going to have a camping, going to the beach or park, or anywhere that you need to go away from your home. This wireless fencing system is so useful and helpful in training your dogs in your home not to wonder around on your yard or sometimes pick the units up instantly and be able to use that as one rechargeable battery solution powered up containment.

What are you waiting for? Avail now a Motorola Wireless Travel Dog Fence or else you are going to be left behind by your neignbors. Use this one to contain your dogs in a particular area. Aside from keeping your entire dog safe and secured, it is also training them to be more obedient. Just take for instance , when he/ she is fast approaching in the boundary , it gives him the signal to avoid it so that he will be given a correction.
There’s no harm in trying most especially when it comes into your beloved pets. As long as we can help our buddies, we must take care them too.