Perimeter Ultra PCC200 In-Ground Dog Fence Review

Perimeter Ultra PCC200Perimeter Ultra PCC200 is a unique and excellent in-ground dog fence especially designed to provide a secured and safe fence system for your beloved dogs. Its superior and high quality features were specially designed to keep your beloved dogs’ safe while allowing them to play and freely run around the area at the same time. Unlike any other fencing system, PCC200 in-ground fence has an outstanding and advanced technological features equipped with ‘non-metal’ contact points. Moreover, its ‘in-ground’ fence system makes it more versatile, efficient and durable than the wireless one. You can actually install it on almost all types of landscape (rocky terrain, wooded areas, hill areas, etc.).

This electric dog fence also has a receiver collar that comes in rubber-tipped contacts making it more comfortable for your pet dog having a sensitive skin. That is why it is the perfect choice if you wanted to protect your dogs from irritation caused by prolonged wearing of their collar. PCC200 receiver collar also comes in a compact and lightweight form because it only weighs 1.1 oz. which has a quick-release buckle and adjustable nylon band. This lightweight receiver collar is perfect for dogs weighing five to eight pounds.

PCC200 In-ground Fence Product features:

• Dual-Frequency transmitter
PCC200 in-ground fence comes in a dual-frequency transmitter that allows dog owners to choose and set the frequency to operate its system. Its unique dual-frequency features prevents interference in the parameter which is important to avoid confusion and dead spots
• Lightweight & high-tech receiver collar
Its lightweight receiver collar of Perimeter Ultra is specially designed for dogs to be comfortable wearing it. PCC20 receiver collar weighs 11 oz. with an adjustable nylon band and has a quick-release buckle made of plastic. It also has a special communication system which makes it easy transmit signal whenever your pet approaches perimeter of particular containment area.
• Programmable Settings
Perimeter Ultra dog fence has a high-quality programming options for the receiver collar. Its high-tech features gives you the freedom to program your dog’s collar and adjust its correction level depending on the temper and the size of your pet.
• Surge protector
Perimeter ultra comes in superior quality surge protector which keeps your house and the transmitter of your fence to be protected and safe from electrical surges or instances of lightning strikes.
• Efficient installation supply
The installation kit of Perimeter Ultra incudes 18-gauge wire (5ft) which is coated with polyethylene thus preventing the dog fence in good condition and efficient function.
• ‘Non-metal’ contact points
Since its contact point is non-metal type, you can guarantee that it is 100 % safe against the possibilities of irritation caused by prolonged wearing of the receiver collar. Moreover, contact points of this type of dog fence doesn’t cause harmful effects on your dog’s having a sensitive skin.


The goal of keeping your dog safe and secured within your own yard is now easy because of the help of Perimeter Ultra PCC20 in-ground fence. Its affordable price will never compromise the quality that you can get out of this superior and excellent quality in-ground fence. It has the combination of the latest and advanced technology when it comes to in-ground fencing solution plus high-quality security system to provide a safer environment for your dogs.