PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Review

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Nowadays, choosing wireless systems has several benefits for the customers. Aside from lesser materials used, there is an assurance of a high quality service. One of the wireless dog fence systems in the industry is the PetSafe Wireless system which can be considered as a great choice for a dog fence. By simply plugging the transmitter and setting the radius size, the dog owner can now begin training his dog. However, the wireless signal will be on a maximum of 180 feet so the PetSafe battery needs to be ensured for a more efficient system.

Wireless systems still requires careful usage. There are considerations when it comes to installation of the dog fence system. First, the fence system needs a minimal landscaping. No aluminum must be included on the wireless dog fence. The area where the dog fence is installed must be far from huge vehicles and metal buildings. One must also be aware that extreme sloping can affect the efficiency of the wireless signal.

The dog fence system includes helpful kits:

• Operating and training guide
• Test light tool
• Power adapter
• Receiver collar
• 50 boundary flags
• Wireless transmitter
• PetSafe RFA-67 Propriety battery

The collar has its own feature:

Petsafe Wireless Dog Fence• Propriety PetSafe Replaceable battery- dog fence system uses a non-rechargeable 6-volt battery. The life of the battery depends on the frequent approach of the dog.
• Applicable for various sizes of dogs- The collar, with a neck size of 6 & 28 inches, it can also be used by dogs weighing 8 pounds and other dog sizes as well.
• Adjustable correction levels- The 5 correction levels of the collars can be adjusted according to the size and dogs’ temperament. The “tone only mode” can be set during dog training sessions
• Durability of the collar- the collar has a nylon strap and strong components. It is also waterproof and the strap can be replaced with other collar straps.
• Probes (long & short) and a wrench tool are also present on the kits for the easy replacement of the collar. The probes are also suitable for various hair lengths of dogs.
• Low battery indicator- When the battery is already draining, the indicator will automatically flash every five seconds.

These are the features of the transmitter:

• It is portable and can be brought wherever the owner takes his dog. There is just a requirement of a normal outlet around the area.
• The presence of the “Boundary Control Dial” enables the adjustment of the containment circle diameter. There can be a maximum of 90 feet for the range of the transmitter.
• The field size is adjustable and can extend a boundary. A number of transmitters can also be added for a wider field area. The owner must be responsible when it comes to storing the transmitter. The added transmitters must be kept on a weatherproof area to protect them from damage.

PetSafe Wireless system can guarantee a well-operating dog fence that can adjust to the needs of the customers. The absence of installation for the system can greatly help the customers who frequently travel with their dogs.