Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground Fence Review

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Sportdog SDF-100A In-Ground FenceSportDOG SDF-100A is an excellent electric dog fence for every dog owners who’s looking for a superior quality fence system for their pet dog. This dependable in-ground fence model has a wide range area coverage compared to other underground fence in the market today. It is best for those homeowners who have a large property in rural areas. Aside from its wide area fence system coverage, its collar was SportDOG’s collar was made of high-quality materials specially made for superior waterproofing function which makes it highly durable and one-of-its-kind. Since it has an outstanding waterproofing, you can allow your dog to swim without removing the collar.

Its in-ground fence installation kit includes SDF-R collar with ½ inch prongs, power adaptor and transmitter, nine volt battery, ¾ ‘’ probes (set), two wire nuts, test light, operating guide/manual with comprehensive training info, 100 training flag, two gel-filled capsules and 20 gauge (1000 ft.) boundary wire. These heavy-duty and durable kits were specially designed to stand up different kinds of outdoor environmental challenge such as snow, rain, heat, mud, strong wind, dust, etc. moreover, the setting of its correction level of the collars are compatible for dogs weighing 5 lbs. and up. This durable receiver collar is also comprised of improved vibration features perfect for those older dogs or for those which has some hearing problems.

Product Features:

• Superior Collar waterproofing
SportDOG collar has an excellent feature specially designed for exceptional waterproofing. No external buttons could allow moisture in. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about letting your dog’s swim with their SportDOG’s collar on. Its special waterproofing property makes this type of collar a unique and durable one.
• Unique Correction Settings
SportDOG collar contains 5 correction settings which also includes added vibration and tone level. Every collar connected on the system has its own ‘individual’ correction settings therefore it doesn’t limit the number of receiver collars that can be used in this in-ground fence.
• Wide Range Capacity
SportDOG SDF-100A Containment fence system can exceptionally handles large properties therefore allowing a wide area for your dogs to play and run around. Its transmitter can power up to the range of 100 acres.
• Efficient Frequency Adjustment
The transmitter of this unique in-ground fence allows you to operate from 7K to 10K frequency. This is mostly useful if your neighbor also has their own in-ground fence. If two in-ground system operates on similar frequency and are too near with each other, it may interrupt each other’s signal or it may cancel both of the signals. That is why this unique frequency adjustment is indeed helpful in monitoring your own in-ground fence frequency.
• Terminal Grounding
SportDOG includes safe grounding terminals to protect their in-ground system from any electric surges such as lightning strikes.


SportDOG SDF-100A is perfectly made for those dog owners who are looking for an excellent in-ground fence system for their large yard areas and is the best underground dog fence. Its superior fence system and high-end features is effective and perfect for wide-range use. It also has a durable receiver collar especially designed for superior waterproofing. Therefore you do not have to worry even if you let your lovely dog play under the rain without removing their collar.