Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence Review


Dog fences are created to make sure that dogs are safe inside the backyard. The idea of protecting dog is very easy when a home is equipped with a dog fence around their yard. Because of this, many people are more encouraged to consider buying a dog fence system for keeping their dog safe at home. In many available dog fence, Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence can be an option that provides lots of features for you to take a look and review.

The Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence is an advanced dog fence system that has superb quality in helping you out to train your dog with ease and in a short period of time only. This makes it perfectly fit for the pet owners who are always outside their house while doing their business. This wireless dog fence system is capable of providing solution to your problem about your very active dog at home. To make this system be installed in your home could be the one of the right decision you will make.

What’s with Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence?

PetSafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog FenceIf you wonder if what’s with Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence, well, it has a lot of features that completes its high quality performance for training your dog not to go outside their limit. It has a small transmitter that can be installed inside your home. This is a good transmitter as it has the capacity to emit the wireless signal which can cover more than the ¾ of the acre. Through combining the transmitters, you may be able to have a wider containment are for your dog.

Another thing that makes Petsafe Stay N Play good is its feature of being portable as the system can be easily brought it with you in a cottage or wherever you decided to go. It is also one of the waterproof dog fence systems so there’s nothing to worry about it when the rain is pouring heavily while it is installed in your yard. Aside form this idea feature, it also comes with a collar that is rechargeable and fits well with your dog because it is an adjustable collar. As matter of fact, its collar has five level of corrections plus its tone-only options which is specifically for the dog’s training time.

The description of Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence as a whole could be about its perfect features including its adjustable collar, rechargeable battery, waterproof design, and complete tool kits when you decide to buy it. You just have to consider some conditions in using this such as, you must have a minimal landscaping, large metal materials like vehicle should be aware from it, there should be no over sloping to avoid interfere acts on the wireless signal and avoid putti aluminum or stucco inside the area. Take note and consider these given pointers so you will have a concrete idea of using the Petsafe Stay N Play Wireless Dog Fence at your home and make sure that your dog will be able to easily catch up with this kind of system.