Petsafe YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence Reviews

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Petsafe YardMax In-Ground Dog FencePetSafe is continuously providing only the best product and its latest dog fence is known as the YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence. This recent product provides only the best features compared to other systems plus additional new and exciting features. It is considered as compact and lightweight collar being offered in the market today at the same time it offers correction settings at its maximum level suitable for numbers of different breeds including multi-dog or single households. The newest feature of this system is its namesake which is the YardMax space for saving technology.

Once into the YardMax mode, there will be an extension with the correction zone into the outside part of the boundary wire in order to maximize the space of the yard still it would be hard for the dog to run-through. And for the collar and transmitter features, you could consider the following:

• The collar of this system is considered to be small and light in weight very perfect for those little dogs.
• There are five correction levels for correction settings for every dog within the system. These correction levels would be adjusted on the collar and though small in size it ranges from medium to strong or stronger compared to other system of PetSafe.
• With individual correction level settings, using this collar for every dog could be easier wherein there would be no more mixing or matching at all.
• The collar is as well considered to have a rechargeable battery which could be recharged through the use of cord being plugged into a port into the underside of the same collar. It could be recharged for about two hours and so could be utilized almost about a month.
• This collar is considered to offer a ready and fit test feature unlike numbers of other systems in the market. Through this feature, it would be confirmed whether the collar is being fitted into the dog properly.
• The said collar also has long and short contact points together with tool for contact point. Through the use of small wrench, switching of the contact points could be easier. For those dogs having long and thick fur could be beneficial from long contact points.
• And also, collar of this dog fence system is as well compatible with other systems of PetSafe.
• In terms of the transmitter, YardMax mode is the best feature newly offered wherein there will be a unique feature for maximizing the space.
• Another unique feature that the transmitter of this system could provide is the Run-Through Prevention. There will be a continuous correction zone outside the boundary wire but still the dog will not run all the way throughout the boundary. For safety purposes, there will be ten seconds of timeout into the correction.

Those are just some of the features that this dog fence system could offer to numbers of customers. Though there are some disadvantages being cited such as lacking of batter back-up still numbers of customers prefer YardMax In-Ground Dog Fence compared with many other products.