Dog Fence Training Supplies

Take under consideration the cost of each system and how many pets you have. Read our dog fence reviews to see which system can accommodate multiple dogs.

About DIY Dog Fences

Intended to restrain your dog within a set border, an electric fence is a system that works with a radio frequency or Wi-Fi signal in order to stop your pet from leaving your property. As the dog approaches the automatic dog door boundary, a tone is heard and a vibration is felt through his collar. If the dog continues to approach the limit, it will receive a mild static correction. A DIY invisible fence is the perfect solution for keeping your yard the way that it is, without having to erect a physical fence. An inground electric fencing for dogs is also perfect for those who like their yard to be free of wires.

Kinds of Electric Dog Fences

The three types of electric dog fences are above ground, inground and wireless. See which type is best suited for your needs before purchasing an electric dog fence. Let’s take a look at each type of DIY invisible dog fences.

Underground Dog Fence Reviews

If you read invisible dog fence reviews, you will see how pleased customers are with inground dog fences. They are an exceptional way to keep your pooch right with you, where he belongs. They depend on the use of a physical wire that is planted beneath the ground. Because of his, any type of border can be created, any type of way.

How to install an underground dog fence

The best underground dog fence has only high-quality aluminum wiring. The wire which is laid creates a closed circuit. Your remote control transmitter then communicates with it. By utilizing the proper training methods, your dog will know where his boundaries are within a week or so, and to stay clear of them.

Wireless Invisible Fences

If you are searching for ease of installation, a wireless electric fence is the way to go. It allows a consistent fence boundary. A wireless signal transmits directly to the dog’s collar. This type of system tracks and records where the dog is located, with a receiver located inside of the home. They can be used with several dogs who are older than 6 months old and are over 8 pounds.

If you like the idea of wireless, there are a few things you should know first. They will not work on every home, such as one that has aluminum or stucco siding. Your yard needs to have a minimum amount of landscaping, without heavy shrubs or trees present. No large vehicles can be left sitting within the space.

You can choose your level of correction when working with a invisible dog fence. Consider the temperament of the dog as well as his size and age. You may even choose a tone only setting which produces an audible alert to the controller. As wireless dog fences are portable and convenient, you can take them with you if you so desire.

Dog Training Tips

There are several guidelines to follow in order to make certain that your dog’s training is successful. You may choose to allow your dog to wear the collar first, with the battery removed, so he may get used to it. When you start to train your dog, do it with a leash until he gets accustomed to the border. Your pet can be trained 10 to 15 minutes at a time, 2 or 3 times per day. Adjust this time as needed, because every dog is unique. You should decrease his training if you see signs of distress, such as refusing to go outside, his tail between his legs, or nervous shaking. As recommended by veterinarians, don’t keep his collar on for more than 12 consecutive hours.

Be sure to try and be patient during this time of training. Train each dog on their own and have playtime with your dog during his training. Don’t forget to praise your dog when he stays away from the border. It should take a week or so for your dog to get used to the system.

Buying Considerations

When checking out in ground dog fence reviews, there are a few things you should take under consideration. Your property type and size is one aspect and another is the lifestyle you lead. Take under consideration the cost of each system and how many pets you have. Read our dog fence reviews to see which system can accommodate multiple dogs with ease.